The Mead, Westbury

Proposals for a new residential development
at The Mead, Westbury, Wiltshire

Ste location map

The site's landowners have drawn up proposals for a new residential development, and have now submitted an outline planning application to the local planning authority (Wiltshire Council).

Planning permission was granted by the Strategic Planning Committee of Wiltshire Council on 12th March 2014.

Site location

An important part of developing our proposals is the need to consult the local community and seek your views on our ideas. As such, there was a full community consultation on 5th and 6th July at The Laverton on Bratton Road, Westbury when members of the public were provided with an opportunity to comment in person on our emerging proposals.

A series of technical surveys have taken place on the site to assess the site’s archaeological and ecological potential as well as defining the area at risk of flooding. The results of these surveys informed the development proposals.



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